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 The Portland Baseball Umpires Association provides one winning applicant a four-year scholarship award of $6,000 total paid annually to a graduating high school senior baseball player.


To be eligible to receive the award the player must be enrolled in a College or University in the United States and on the roster of a recognized intercollegiate baseball team.


 The scholarship award is payable in four equal installments of $1,500 per academic year.  The first installment is paid in the fall of the freshman year.  Each subsequent payment will be paid at the spring term, provided the player is listed on the roster of a collegiate baseball team and is academically eligible to compete.


 Award recipient will be eligible to receive annual installments, up to the award maximum, for up to five academic years of NCAA eligibility from the date of the award as long as other conditions of the award are met.


To continue annual receipt of the award recipient must remain in school the entire year (summer sessions excluded).


 Should the recipient change schools the scholarship coordinator must be notified with an address in order to continue annual award payments.





  • Applicant must graduate from an accredited Oregon high school serviced by the PBUA, and must be in the process of applying for admission to a college or university.


  • Applicant must show outstanding sportsman like behavior on and off the field of play.


  • Applicant must show interest and promise in playing college or university baseball.


  • Applicant must provide a complete application to the scholarship committee postmarked on or before the application deadline of Wednesday March 8, 2023. Late or incomplete applications will not be considered.


 During the course of the spring high school baseball season each applicant will be evaluated by the membership of the PBUA during games played and will be evaluated equally on leadership, sportsmanship and players performance.

 The scholarship committee as a major factor in the selection process will review these evaluations. We recommend that each applicant introduce himself to the umpires at each game at the coaches meeting and identify himself as a candidate for the scholarship.


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To all applicants:


The Westover-Lehrer-Rei Baseball Scholarship is open to any qualified senior baseball player who is actively pursuing both higher education and a desire to play collegiate baseball.


You are expected to submit to the Portland Baseball Umpires Association (PBUA) this application sheet and other documents as stated on the accompanying checklist. This packet must be postmarked to the PBUA on or before Wednesday March 8, 2023

 An incomplete or late packet will not be considered for the scholarship award.






Home Address ____________________________City_______________Zip Code_________

Contact e-mail     ___________________________________________

Home Phone       _____________________

School attending __________________________

Baseball Coach   ___________________________

Position(s) played_____________________________________________

Uniform #             _______      

College or University Planning to attend________________________

Fathers Name     _________________________ check if deceased ___

Mothers Name     _________________________ check if deceased ___

Fathers Occupation       ____________________________

Mothers Occupation       ____________________________

Number of Family Members     _______________


Please list any pertinent activities or awards that would give the committee insight as to your character, citizenship etc. Attach separate sheet.




I have read the application criteria for the Westover-Lehrer-Rei Scholarship award. I understand my responsibilities in making application to the Portland Baseball Umpires Association for consideration of this award.  I also agree to be bound by the conditions of this award should I be selected.


 Printed name ___________________________________________


Signed                            _______________________________         Date ________________


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 Each applicant for the Westover-Lehrer-Rei Foundation Baseball Scholarship must submit to the Portland Baseball Umpires Association a completed application packet.  Any packet not postmarked by the deadline date of March 8, 2023 or received incomplete will not be considered for award.


 The complete packet will include all items listed below.  Any applicant is free to submit any other information that he deems might be pertinent to the committee in their selection process.


  1. Completed application form


  1. Applicant’s photo. (From chest up and without cap preferred).


  1. Official copy of current high school transcript.


  1. A printed statement from the applicant. This statement will include:


  • A paragraph regarding what baseball means to you.


  • What baseball will mean to you as a collegiate player.


  • What an umpire means to you and to the game of baseball.


  1. Submit at least two (2) lettered personal references (or more) from teachers, coaches, counselors or other adults relating to your baseball, academic, personal character, and your need. These must be composed by the referring individuals.


             Please list any pertinent sports or civic activities or awards that would give the committee

              insight as to your character, citizenship etc. Include a separate sheet.



  1. Entire completed packet must be addressed to:


              The Portland Baseball Umpires Association

              Scholarship Committee

              6821 N Newcastle Ave.

              Portland, Oregon 97217


             My best wishes to you for a successful and rewarding senior season,

             Eric Gorham Coordinator

     PBUA Scholarship Committee and Westover-Lehrer-Rei Foundation Scholarship Board               gorhamerica@gmail.com


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Packet Checklist


  1. Completed application form.



  1. Applicant’s photo. (From chest up and without cap preferred).



  1. Official copy of current high school transcript.



  1. A statement from the applicant.



  1. Personal references.


  1. Additional personal sports and civic activities or awards.




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